Scaling E-Commerce Growth: Transforming Clicks into Customers

SWIDIA can help your brand optimize e-commerce growth with profit-first strategies

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We run CUSTOMER ACQUISITION for innovative brands

Our approach

Craft Tailored, Data-Informed Strategies:

We collaborate with you to design effective, data-driven strategies for customer acquisition. Utilizing cutting-edge market insights and a profit-first approach, our team devises bespoke marketing plans aimed at scaling your e-commerce business sustainably and profitably.

Execute with Precision and Expertise:

Once our strategy is solidified, we handle the execution from start to finish. Count on our hands-on expertise in managing and optimizing PPC campaigns, using powerful channels like Google Ads and YouTube to drive your e-commerce growth.

Deliver Insightful Reporting & Constant Improvement:

We go beyond just crunching numbers - we interpret, understand, and provide actionable insights from your campaign data. Our team meticulously analyzes every data point, furnishing recommendations to continually refine your marketing efforts and propel your business forward.

How it works


Strategy Formation | We collaborate with you to create a tailored, data-driven strategy for customer acquisition. This strategy focuses on specific target audiences and measurable goals, centered around sustainable, profitable growth.


Tactical Execution | Our team handles the complex process of managing and optimizing your PPC campaigns. Leveraging Google Ads and YouTube, we provide an all-in-one solution to drive your e-commerce growth.


Launch | We kick-start your campaign! Paweł works closely with your team to ensure your marketing efforts align with your business objectives and that everything is fully optimized for success.


Continuous Optimization | Paweł remains engaged with your brand on a continuous basis, ensuring your marketing strategies consistently deliver value and contribute positively to your bottom line. With a keen eye on performance data, he provides actionable insights and recommendations for ongoing refinement and improvement.

Why Google and YouTube ads?

Flexible ROI target depends on business
Find right users in right moment of life
Reach user during whole path to purchase
Find new andremarket know customers
Data driven
Use most advanced AI systems to target customers


Kickstart package

We’ll take a tried-and-true approach to launching your email program and put some industry-standard automations in place.

Platform, audience & basic template setup
IP Warming
Automation copy, design & template creation
Onboarding: 6 emails over 2 weeks
Conversion: 6 emails over 2 weeks (some may repeat w/ new subject lines/preheaders)
Reengagement/churn prevention: 4 emails over 4 weeks, dictated by email engagement
Report template (if needed beyond in-platform reporting)
Retainer services

We’ll analyze the performance of the email program, identify opportunities for improvement, and create new tests and campaigns to boost your results.

A/B testing and iteration of recommended comms (high performing / underperforming)
Biweekly reporting for core email marketing metrics (open / click / unsubscribe / bounce / conversion rates)
Ad-hoc campaigns when requested (newsletter, specific activations, new feature announcements, etc)

Just ask! — Give us a snapshot of your email marketing program, and we’ll work with you to build a path forward.

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Case Studies

Dashlane Free Trial Integration

Product + MAP Integration

Dashlane, a password and identity management app, saw email marketing as a way of addressing soft user engagement in the mid-lifecycle.

Existing email marketing had been focused on onboarding and the initial 30-day trial of their premium product, the primary method of converting free users to paid.

Given the success of this initial free trial, the CRM team looked for a way to get more mileage out of it. Working cross-functionally, the team developed a method of automatically distributing free trials via Braze, and subsequently sending personalized followup emails designed to push users to the “sticky” premium features.

Dashlane transformed their mid-lifecycle from a “dead zone” to a core part of the retention marketing program, driving around $850K in new cash bookingsand LTV per year.

SoundCloud Email Marketing

Product + MAP Integration

SoundCloud was struggling with low engagement in their weekly wrap-up of personalized music recommendations, SoundCloud Weekly. The email template for the campaign was outdated and relied primarily on product-specific imagery (ie, pictures of the app).

The CRM team set up an A/B test, pitting this template against a new, highly personalized version. The redesigned template focused on the specific tracks being recommended to the user and vibrant album artwork.

The redesigned template won out, ultimately resulting in a 2x jump in clickthrough rate on the email, and a 5.5% overall increase in weekly listening time for the business as a whole (translating to increased user retention and ad revenue).

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