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Get an unfair advantage by working with a team that’s scaled hundreds of venture-funded startups across Seed - Series C.

We’ll launch specialized growth marketing campaigns designed to help you reach CAC:LTV goals

Average CAC reduction
Total revenue generated
Clients raise next round

Your biggest bottlenecks, solved.

Common growth initiatives we’ve helped tackle across stages.

“What’s the best way to scale users?”
“How do we improve CAC:LTV?”
“What’s our highest converting messaging and audience?”
“When should we start scaling our channels?”
“What are our primary use-cases?”
“How do we diversify on new channels?”
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What we do

Growth expertise you can count on

Based on your initiatives and needs, we’ll bring together a unique combination of growth functions



User acquisition
Retention + lifecycle
CAC:LTV benchmark


Paid social
Meta (FB + IG), TikTok, Twitter, Pinterest, Quora, Reddit
Paid search
Google Full-Suite, ASA
Affiliate marketing
Influencer marketing


Lifecycle marketing
Email marketing
Analytics and tracking
Organic social


UGC Ad creatives
Video production
Graphic design
UI/UX design
Product photography

Ad Hoc

Landing page
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Why Swidia

From Seed to Series C — we meet you where you are.

You'll get unique growth marketing campaigns and experiments that are specific to your current stage’s goals.

We’ll work side-by-side to knock out initiatives one-by-one, unlocking a path to healthier growth metrics.

Power users
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Positive User Experiences

We worked together to build a scalable acquisition engine that was rooted in testing and iterating. In our time working with SWIDIA, we saw significant improvements in LTV:CAC, while also scaling spend in a big way.

I highly recommend working with the team at SWIDIA.

Marty Pesis
VP of Growth at Cameo

It was refreshing to see an approach that was able to help our primary user acquisition channel adapt to iOS14 changes and allow us to continue to produce efficient results and benchmarks.

SWIDIA didn’t only serve as an extension of the Growth team, but they also seamlessly integrated with our Creative team as well.

Thomas Pan
Director of Growth at STEEZY

SWIDIA is always challenging standards to think outside the box and develop innovative, creative and tech-driven approaches to deliver performance.

James Peng
Head of Marketing, ex-Match, Coinbase, Grab
The results of deep collaboration

We've unlocked growth for incredible companies

App installs
Series A
App installs
Creator Economy
Seed (acquired)
Lower CAC
New Digital Media
Series B
Lower CAC

Your growth marketing team

We’re a team born from the experience of scaling hundreds of startups.

Jack C.
Co-Founder, CEO
Frank J.
Co-Founder, COO
Tatiana D.
Co-Founder, Head of Growth
Elizabeth L.
VP Business Strategy
Sean B.
Creative Strategist
Kalin S.
Creative Strategist
Rose K.
Director of Operations
Grace J.
Senior Project Manager
Josh C.
CRM Strategist
Kaylee F.
Media Strategist
Yacine H.
Media Strategist
Jake M.
Media Strategist
Andrew E.
SEO Strategist
Nick D.
Lifecycle Strategist
Chris P.
Graphic Designer
Peter D.
CRO and Design
Imani J.
TikTok Editor

We know what it’s like - the tenacity to grow, the tough decisions, the urgency to move quickly. From startups across all stages, we’ve seen it all and are ready to bring over those insights to help you hit your growth numbers.

We invest in your company by providing a team at a far lower cost than a comparable in-house team. Efficient growth starts with a team that’s been there before, and you get that on day one.

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