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We run PAID SEARCH for innovative brands

Our approach

1. Audit/Restructure

Depending on what’s been done for your brand already we will use any data to inform and plan our campaign execution. Whether you’ve run Google Ads already or used other channels we’ll use what we can to brainstorm keywords and pull together a recommendation on channel distribution.

2. Implement Quick Wins, Optimize New Campaigns and then Scale

We’ll immediately execute on what we find from our audit phase, whether it’s nixing irrelevant spend or adding in display networks or capitalizing on new keywords that others hadn’t thought of before. After those quick wins we should see immediate results and then we can implement our new strategies that take a bit more time. Once those new campaigns have run we will optimize and scale!

3. Weekly Check Ins

We’ll provide performance updates weekly and monthly with continuous recommendations for improvement. We don’t just stop once your goals are achieved we are always striving to scale.

How it works


Restructure | Our initial phase involves getting access to your account, looking at all time data - depending on conversion tagging being accurate we use all of the information found to create new campaigns based on performance.


Implementation | We review ad copy, creatives, extensions, keywords, language and location settings with you and once we have approval we launch our new campaigns.


Optimization | After coming to consensus on our KPIs we collect data for 2-4 weeks and then begin to optimize towards our goals. We implement search query reports, negatives and more to ensure efficient spend. 


Management | Our email marketing specialists work with your brand on an ongoing basis to ensure your email campaigns deliver consistent, valuable results

Why paid search?

5% CVR
High average conversion rates
Over 8 billion searches a day, 15% are brand new daily
3% CTR
Impressive number of clicks from impressions on average
The visitors from PPC as compared to SEO
Using enhanced bidding technologies we’re seeing efficient cost per clicks across industries


Audit + Restructure package

We’ll get you started before transitioning everything over to your team.

Recap of top performers in your account historically
List of quick wins that can be implemented for immediate better performance, whether it’s ineffective spend or missed opportunities
Analysis of conversion tags
New campaign structure
Ad copy, extensions, and channel distribution recommendations
Full Service package

Continuous teamwork between us and your team, beyond the restructure you will get performance recaps and new suggestions weekly.

Everything from Audit + Restructure
Weekly + Monthly check ins via email
Phone call check ins as needed
Strategy recommendations
Optimizations weekly and daily
SQRs, negatives, and more maintenance of the account that encourage growth over time

Just ask! — Give us a snapshot of your email marketing program, and we’ll work with you to build a path forward.

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