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SWIDIA can help your brand take your content to networks packed full with future customers!

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We run AFFILIATE marketing for innovative brands

Our approach

We work with you to create and reach global audiences with a tailored network of affiliates and partners.

Based on research, communication and planning, our focus will be to create a profitable Affiliate Marketing program, that will drive incremental results.

How it works


Research, Planning & Execution | We work with you as an extension of your in-house team to analyze the market, your competitors, alongside a partnership audit of your existing practices. 

This includes GAP and Competitor Analysis, program set up and activation.


Design & Development | Creating a partnership program to suit you and your business’ needs. 

Our team are on hand to coordinate the design, set up and launch.


Launch | It’s time to hit the ground running. This is the most exciting part.

Our team will cherry-pick the best resources that lead to successful growth and long term partnerships and these will officially be activated.


Management | Say goodbye to the stress of partnership management. We shall manage the channel from start to finish including forecasting, relationship management, affiliate evaluation and reporting.

Why affiliate marketing?

Performance based structure
Only pay your affiliate when a sale is made.
Of the digital media industry’s revenue now comes from Affiliate Marketing.
Of all e-commerce sales in the US and CA are generated by Affiliate Marketing
High ROI
Affiliate marketing has been proven to drive a much higher return on investment than other marketing strategies


Kickstart package

Ready to build your affiliate program from the ground up? Our affiliate team is ready to build and launch your affiliate program. Included in this package:

Complete affiliate program strategy customized for your specific needs
Design and launch a landing page for your program
Build and integrate the industry’s top affiliate program software
Establish and build appropriate analytics tools to track progress and iterate
Retainer services

Running an affiliate program is no easy task, especially for your busy internal team. Leave the ongoing strategy, outreach, and growth efforts to our team of experts.

Quarterly strategy refresh
Weekly update strategy calls
Additional services also available including identifying and contacting micro and macro affiliates, UGC campaigns, etc.

Just ask! — Give us a snapshot of your affiliate marketing program, and we’ll work with you to build a path forward.

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