Jul 3, 2023

What’s Lemon8? And How Can You Use It For Your Business.

Kaylee Foral
Media Strategist

What is Lemon8?

Lemon8 is a new platform created by ByteDance (aka the parent company of TikTok) that has a predominantly youthful community where users can discover beautiful, authentic, and diverse content. The platform is often described as a blend between Pinterest and Instagram– and has a lot of similarities to the popular Chinese lifestyle app known as Xiaohongshu.

Lemon8 launched in Japan in 2020 and as of last year reached 5 million monthly active users after expansion to countries such as the United States, Britain, Singapore, and Indonesia. 

Who’s using Lemon8?

According to Apptopia, in the last six months the app has seen over 6.3 million downloads from younger audiences. There aren't many details on the specific ages and genders, but we can confidently assume that since Lemon8 focuses on beauty, health, and lifestyle and since it’s a sibling of TikTok, that it’s mostly used by females between the ages of 16-24.

What makes Lemon8 special?

A lot of the hype surrounding Lemon8 has to do with the app focusing on image-based feeds while also allowing users access to its wide variety of in-app editing tools to make posts native to the platform.

For instance, Instagram's limited amount of editing tools makes it necessary for users to edit photos in other apps to create aesthetic posts. But Lemon8 makes it easy. Creators using it rave about how they can seamlessly access tools such as fonts, stickers, cutouts, templates and more in one place before sharing. 

How does Lemon8 work?

After downloading the app, creating your account, and choosing your interests you’ll have access to your own personalized dashboard where you can explore the For You page, search for specific users, interact with others, set up your profile, and create your first post!

Should brands get involved?

Even though Lemon8 has a limited amount of interests you can choose from, if the app keeps growing at this rate we’ll see interest expansions soon.

My tip? Get in on the app as soon as you can! Start posting, use hashtags and keywords that match what you do, what you sell, and most importantly… keep it real and authentic. Don’t share posts that look like promotions, stay true to the platforms native look to keep people interested.

Check out Digiday's article and/or watch this video to learn more.

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