Oct 23, 2023

Unlocking Growth Potential: Why Outsourced CMOs Are Essential for Small and Medium Businesses

Grace Jee
Growth Marketing Manager

In today's competitive market, unlocking the potential for growth is crucial for businesses of all sizes. However, the average salary in 2023 for a Chief Marketing Officer falls between $350,000 to $425,000, a hefty price tag for any business. 

The two best alternatives are: outsourcing to a fractional CMO or hiring a marketing agency that specializes in CMO capabilities. An outsourced fractional CMO will usually be in the form of an independent contractor and can perform all of the functions of a traditional CMO without the cost and expenses a full-time employee would incur. A marketing agency that specializes in CMO will be an entire team dedicated to your needs, versus a singular person.

SWIDIA, for example, is one of the leading marketing agencies that specializes in on-demand CMO solutions. Our agency acts as your fractional CMO but instead of one person, you get an entire team dedicated to your business. 

The Pros of working with an outsourced CMO or a CMO marketing agency:

Streamlined Recruitment Process

Hiring a full-time CMO can be a daunting task, involving posting job ads, sifting through dozens of resumes, conducting interviews, and managing benefits. It is a time consuming, expensive endeavor.

With an outsourced fractional CMO, you sidestep these hassles while still gaining access to top-tier marketing talent and expertise. It is a much more streamlined process and you can initiate collaboration within a few weeks of onboarding. 

With a CMO-focused marketing agency, it is an even faster process. With an entire team at your disposal, collaboration can happen in as little as a week. If time is an issue, a marketing team may be better suited for your needs.

Cost Efficiency and Flexibility

While the hourly rate for Outsourced CMO services may appear higher than that of a full-time CMO, the flexibility it offers can lead to long-term cost savings. With an Outsourced CMO, you pay only for the work required, allowing you to allocate your financial resources strategically.

For example, if your goal is to reduce churn rate and it necessitates 20 hours of work per month, an Outsourced CMO enables you to pay for those 20 hours precisely, avoiding the expense of a full-time CMO working 40 hours a week when only 20 are needed.This flexibility allows you to tailor your marketing budget precisely to your requirements, making the most of your financial resources

In regards to the cost for a CMO-focused marketing agency, the overall cost of the entire project is decided and agreed upon in the initial Statement of Work, meaning there will be no surprises in terms of cost. You are presented a price and you will receive what is promised. A singular outsourced CMO may not always have the flexibility to have deliverables presented in a timely manner but an entire marketing agency will have more hands on deck, leading to a higher chance of on-time delivery.

Tapping into Years of Marketing Expertise

Experience plays a pivotal role in marketing success and outsourced CMOs bring a wealth of experience garnered from working with diverse businesses and teams. A fractional CMO will usually have a lot of insight and experience but can one person hold more value and knowledge than an entire team of professionals? 

From our experience, clients have reportedly gone back to hiring marketing agencies versus a dedicated outsourced CMO due to the wider range of talents and experience an agency will usually offer. 

An Objective and Analytical Perspective

Building a business is akin to constructing a house, and emotional attachments can sometimes lead to overlooking flaws or inefficiencies in your operations. Outsourced fractional CMOs, whether it's a singular person or an entire marketing agency like SWIDIA, can offer an impartial and analytical perspective.

For example, our team evaluates your marketing function comprehensively, examining not only your marketing efforts but your entire business operation to identify flaws and areas for improvement from several viewpoints. With experience spanning various industries and businesses of all sizes, we bring an unbiased viewpoint and a wealth of knowledge to your table. 

With a singular outsourced CMO, they may not have worked in several industries and may have a more narrow viewpoint versus an entire team. 

Nurturing Your In-House Marketing Team

An Outsourced CMO acts as a mentor, imparting their knowledge and expertise to your in-house marketing team. They don't just provide marketing services but also mentor and train your existing team members.

By working with an Outsourced CMO, whether it's a singular person or a marketing agency, you invest in your in-house marketing team's future, eventually building a capable department ready to tackle any challenge.

Harnessing Marketing Tools and Technology

Outsourced CMOs possess extensive knowledge of various marketing automation tools. SWIDIA has worked with nearly every marketing platform.. With a wide array of options available these days, it's not always feasible to find an outsourced CMO that will have experience in the industry you prefer, the budget you need, with the experience in marketing programs your company prefers. It is a tricky balance to find a singular person for your needs.

Implementing Advanced Growth Marketing Strategies

While you may have someone managing your marketing initiatives, an Outsourced CMO brings a deep understanding of critical marketing concepts such as positioning, branding, targeting, and marketing psychology.

An entry-level marketer may know how to set up a social media ad campaign, but an outsourced fractional CMO can craft a message that deeply resonates with your audience, driving demand for your business. Whether you choose a singular person or a marketing agency for your outsourced CMO needs, the level of experience is crucial to creating a standout brand for your product or service. 

The SWIDIA team have spent years honing our craft and with a track record of successful marketing campaigns, we can help take your business to the next level. You’re one call away from unlocking your fullest marketing potential.

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