Jul 3, 2023

How to Effectively Start Personal Branding on LinkedIn

Kaylee Foral
Media Strategist

What does personal branding mean?

Personal branding on LinkedIn involves creating a professional identity and reputation on the platform. It entails optimizing your LinkedIn profile to showcase your skills and experience effectively. By strategically presenting your unique qualities and accomplishments, you can differentiate yourself and build a strong professional presence online.

Who’s doing it?

Personal branding on LinkedIn is common among job seekers who aim to stand out to potential employers or recruiters. Entrepreneurs and business owners also use LinkedIn to build their personal brand and establish credibility in their respective fields. 

Additionally, professionals in fields such as consulting, coaching, and freelancing often leverage personal branding on LinkedIn to attract clients and showcase their expertise. Overall, anyone interested in advancing their career, expanding their network, or establishing their professional reputation can benefit from personal branding on LinkedIn.

What are approaches to effectively start?

Building a personal brand on LinkedIn involves a combination of strategies and approaches. Here are some effective approaches to consider:

  1. Define Your Professional Identity: Clearly identify your professional goals and target audience. Determine your unique value and the key skills, expertise, and experiences you want to highlight.
  2. Optimize Your Profile: Create a compelling LinkedIn profile with a professional photo, a captivating headline, and a summary that showcases your skills and achievements. Use relevant keywords for search visibility.
  3. Engage and Share Valuable Content: Regularly share high-quality content, engage with others' posts, and actively network with professionals in your industry. Seek recommendations and endorsements to enhance your credibility and expand your professional network.

How to find your own style and voice?

To find your own style and voice for personal branding on LinkedIn, start by reflecting on your unique values, passions, and expertise. Experiment with different content formats, writing styles, and visual elements to discover what feels most authentic and resonates with your target audience. Iterate and refine based on feedback and engagement to develop a distinctive style and voice that sets you apart.

What exercises would be helpful?

Here are a few example exercises to help you define your personal branding on LinkedIn: 

  1. Assess Your Current Presence: Evaluate your LinkedIn profile, content, and engagement to determine how well they align with your personal brand objectives. Identify areas that need improvement or adjustment.
  2. Develop a Content Strategy: Define the topics, value, and tone that best represent your personal brand. Create a plan for regular content creation, incorporating a mix of educational content, industry insights, and personal experiences.
  3. Be Consistent and Engage: Maintain a consistent posting schedule and engage with your network through comments, discussions, and messages. Actively participate in relevant groups and conversations to build your visibility and showcase your expertise. Monitor your performance and make adjustments as needed.

Learn more about personal branding here.

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