Mar 8, 2024

How Long Should Instagram Stories Be?

Grace Jee
Growth Marketing Manager

Lets cut to the chase - Instagram Story videos have a maximum length of 15 seconds, but there are ways to get around that. Simply string multiple 15-second clips together to make a longer video sequence. From our research, most users will watch multiple videos so having to upload multiple videos isn’t as much of a challenge as you would think it would be. 

Instagram Stories are visible only to your followers and disappear after 24 hours so make sure all of your videos are uploaded at the same time. 

Comparatively, other social media platforms have different video length limits:

  • Facebook Stories: Up to 20 seconds.
  • Snapchat Stories: Up to 60 seconds.
  • WhatsApp Status: Up to 30 seconds

You can include both images and videos in your Instagram Story, creating an interactive experience. 

Here's a breakdown of different Instagram video formats:

  • Instagram Reels: Up to 60 seconds.
  • Instagram Live videos: Can last up to 4 hours and can be uploaded to your Story or Feed.
  • Instagram Video: IGTV and Feed videos are combined, with previews lasting up to 60 seconds. Regular accounts can upload videos ranging from 15 seconds to 10 minutes, while verified accounts or those with a large following can upload videos up to 60 minutes.
  • Instagram Video ads: Story ads can be 5-15 seconds long, Reels ads up to 30 seconds, and Feed video ads up to 60 seconds.

To post longer videos on Instagram Stories, you have two options:

Option 1:

For videos under a minute, Instagram automatically divides the first minute into four 15-second Story cards, maintaining continuity.

Option 2:

For videos over a minute, Instagram breaks the first minute into four 15-second videos but discards anything beyond 60 seconds. To upload the full video, manually trim it using Instagram's native editing or use a third-party video editor.

Is it better to use long videos or short videos?

Both long and short Stories can be effective, depending on your content and audience. Longer sequences require viewer incentives, while shorter videos should grab attention quickly. 

TIP: Engage viewers with questions, polls, and interactive elements to enhance the Story experience. 

Longer videos provide space to convey messages, but the first video must captivate viewers. Shorter videos under 15 seconds can be highly effective if they quickly grab attention, even without sound. 

Tips on how to make your Instagram story stand out: 

To make an Instagram Story video, log in, tap "Your Story," shoot a video, or choose from various video modes. Add text, music, stickers, and interactive elements to enhance engagement.

  • Use captions and visual variety to engage viewers.
  • Be mindful of the vertical format and keep content casual. You can also turn top Story videos into highlights or reshare tagged posts in your Story.

Instagram stories are an effective way to engage with your audience from a creative perspective. With all of the platform’s unique format and audience behaviors, all companies should actively promote themselves on it in at least some capacity. If you don't have the capacity or the interest, we'll be happy to take on that project for you.

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