Apr 12, 2023

Facebook Click-to-Message Ads

Kaylee Foral
Media Strategist

Communicate with customers in real time, drive sales, and generate leads.

Ads that click to message send people that click on your ads directly into conversations with your business in Messenger, Instagram, or WhatsApp.

Best Practices

  1. ‍It’s the best way to engage with potential customers on Facebook in real time
  2. ‍Pre-qualify leads through 1:1 conversation or through a series of FAQ
  3. ‍Ad creatives that explain your service, what you do, and your customers end goal is likely to perform best for Click-to-message ads
  4. ‍Pair your creative that stands out with copy that gives a direct CTA at the end. I.e. “Send us a message for more details”

Learn more about Facebook's Click-to-Message Ads here.

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